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Gambling, Casino, Poker & Sportsbetting Domains

When you want to launch a business or brand, you’ll want a good name behind your company. In online marketing, your domain name is just as important as your brand name and the 2 are interchangeable. In online gambling, many quality domains have been taken long ago as people search out domains and many are just squatting on them. As time goes on, the value of these domains only seems to increase with record sales of gambling domains being recorded. This includes sites like Slots.com for $5.5 million, poker.org selling for $1 million and blackjack.com selling for $460,000.

gambling domains

Bingo Domains

Online bingo is probably one of the most underrated forms of online gambling around. With that said, bingo domains are always interesting as there are quality domains available and bingo isn’t fully saturated compared to casino, poker and sportsbetting. Bingo just has less competition to deal with so it is easier for webmasters to launch and rank for bingo related keywords.

Lottery Domains

Online lotteries are the fastest growing gambling niche so it is just natural that lottery domains are a hot commodity. Lottery has been the slowest gambling niche to mature but in 2015 it started to grow with more companies focusing on lotteries. As you have regular world lotteries starting to approach a billion dollars and happen with more consistency, it just makes it more natural for regular players to want to get started making lottery picks online. Of course doing all of this on the mobile phone is really become the way most players do this.

Casino Domains

Casino domains are by far the type of domains that are in the highest of demand. Even the more obscure choice of domains sells for decent amounts of money which demonstrates the true value of these domains. Within casino that are numerous niches ranging from the core casino keyword to slots, blackjack, video poker and more.

Poker Domains

Poker was once the more popular niche in gambling as year after year online poker continued to grow. It wasn’t until the Black Friday events in 2011 where the 5 biggest poker domains were seized by the DOJ was it where poker began it’s decline. Back in the day some poker sites like poker.org sold for $1 million but today trying to sell poker domains is really tough. Many poker webmasters have simply abandoned the niche.

Gambling Domains

The generic gamble or gambling term in a domain is a nice one but probably not as valuable as the other niches. In the past, gambling.com did sell for $12 million but the site certainly never was worth that amount. They can still be quality domains available but in general, players don’t necessarily search for gambling as a keyword in so much as yes they are gamblers but this isn’t what they search for specifically.

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