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Blackjack for Blood

Blackjack for Blood has long been one of the most sought-after books when it comes to card counting. First published in 1994 and authored by Bryce Carlson, the book serves as an introduction to one of the most popular card counting systems for Blackjack: the Omega II. The book was initially touted as the best resource for people who aspired to be good card counters. As with most reference materials on the topic of Blackjack and card counting, this book and the system detailed within its pages has aged rather well. This is thanks in part to the fact that there really haven’t been too many changes to Blackjack as a game since the book’s publication.

The System

So what is the Omega II system anyway and does Blackjack for Blood adequately explain it? The Omega II is an ace-neutralized level two card counting system that’s powerful and balanced. Author Bryce Carlson states that this specific level two counting system combines the simplicity of a level one system like Hi-Lo with the power of multi-level systems such as Hi-Opt II. The author also states in the book that a system like this is ideal for aspiring card counters.

Most of the claims made in the book regarding the nature of the system are actually true. The playing efficiency of the system has an outstanding 0.67 rating with its betting correlation sitting at 0.92 (without counting aces). Compared with other level two or multi-level counting systems, Omega II arguably has the best betting correlation. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically be successful when you do use it.

Is Blackjack for Blood For You?

Blackjack for Blood actually does an okay job in terms of explaining the concepts that make Omega II a great counting system. However, this doesn’t automatically mean that you ought to use Omega II at all times. Aside from betting correlation, another factor that card counters need to take into account when choosing a go-to counting system would be playing correlation. Perhaps the only issue worth raising about the book is the claim that it’s the best system out there thanks to it being perfectly balanced. While it’s not necessarily false, it isn’t factually true either since there are certain situations where other counting systems would be more viable than the Omega II.


Make no mistake about it, Blackjack for Blood is an outstanding book to read regardless if you’re still starting out or not. As mentioned earlier, the Omega II system is extremely versatile if not a bit complicated when compared with other systems. Although the book claims that the system is easy to learn, it actually entails a lot of reading and additional research. With that being said, Blackjack for Blood is a great book to use as a reference for learning this advanced card counting system. Should you get it? If you’re serious at improving your card counting skills to beat the house edge then make sure to at least check out what Blackjack for Blood has to offer.